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"We will show you the stage, so long as you agree to dance!"

As a Luxury Concierge with a difference, VivereXO are Scotland based, but globally operated, specialising in providing concierge services to the global elite. From inception, we have grown from strength to strength helping clients worldwide with their luxury concierge needs.

Where we differ from most, is that we are not concerned with picking up laundry, walking dogs or changing sheets...we specialise in the incredible, the outrageous and the downright ostentatious!

Our client list includes professionals, sports persons, academics, celebrities and royalty. In essence, so long as one has the desire to do something amazing, visit somewhere incredible, or be part of something exceptional, we will show you the stage!

Luxury Tours97%

VIP Red Carpet Access79%

Event Management75%

Once In A Lifetime Experiences98%

Jets & Yacht Charter82%

Meet Some Of The Team

The company talents

Fact Or Faked?

Managing Director

Fact Or Faked?

Ross has got a soft spot for Chi Tea, and got a secret love for the movie Titanic as well as taking long walks on the beach.

Fact Or Faked?

Scotland Manager

Fact Or Faked?

Craig likes to relax by listening to Northern Soul, he is a secret fan of origami and is the only person from his local football team to represent them 3 times in Europe

Fact Or Faked?

Tours Manager

Fact Or Faked?

Sarah once climbed a munro backwards. She also used to play semi-professional football and has a pet spider.

Fact Or Faked?

Travel Manager

Fact Or Faked?

Krystian is a professional poker player, he once hopped a half marathon in France and he is fluent in 7 languages.

What we have been creating recently......

......your dreams could be next

We have been incredibly busy of late and we are proud to tell you about a collaboration with Netflix and LG which we have just completed.

Picture the scene.....Broughton Hall, vintage Rolls Royce's, the one and only "Royal Butler" and even Rupert the corgi running around.

The remit........to re-create The Crown, for winners of a competition run by Netflix and LG.

Outcome.......total success. See the accompanying video clip!

We are also in the process of expanding the off market acquisitions leg of VivereXO. This is a very exciting market dealing specifically with high end acquisitions for high end clients. As I type this we are facilitating transactions for a Luxury Villa in Sardinia, various private aircraft and an absolutely amazing piece of jewellery!

One last thing I need to tell you about is our luxury tours which will be going to press in the near future.

There are 3 different tours which are very different in nature. The first is global Michelin star tours, taking in the best cuisine Europe and USA have to offer, while travelling and staying in a milieu befitting of the global elite.

The second is similar to the above tour but replace "best cuisine Europe has to offer" with "the finest Casino's and resorts Europe has to offer". Fancy some hedonistic speculating? This is one for you.

Finally, how about living like a King? A Scottish King to be more precise. Staying in 5* exclusive use castles, travelling in the best helicopters or road transport possible, eating the finest produce Scotland has to offer and then relaxing by a peat burning fire sipping your single cask whisky. Is this for you sire? Then watch this space.

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Through the years the VivereXO team have done some pretty incredible things for our clients... we have seen tears, smiles, laughs and plenty hands over mouths! It's all in a days work for us... so whatever it is, large or small, outrageous or simple, please do let us know - we would love to put a smile on your face one way or another!

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