VXO Acquisitions

Experts In New Investments & Acquisitions

With a designated team to assist with all acquisitions and investments, VivereXO are on hand to either let you enjoy your money or make your money work for you.

Our dedicated team of concierge managers are on hand 24/7/ to enhance and manage every aspect of our client’s acquisition portfolio. From sourcing their dram diamond, to creating a bespoke wine cellar plan, sourcing a rare piece of art, finding their forever home or acquiring a new business venture, we are here to make off-market become on-market.

Real Estate

Through our experience, partners and contacts, we can be sure to boast a dedicated expert team of international property specialists with access to off-market properties and expert marketing capabilities. Whether the desire is to buy, sell or rent a first-class residence, our specialists and concierge home services will find the perfect property to suit every lifestyle and investment objective.

Oil, Gold & Diamonds

Be it from a commercial or personal standpoint, we are tried and tested in the commodity acquisition scene.

Art, Cars & Wine

Our esteemed wine connoisseurs, certified sommeliers and specialists source the world’s finest ready-to-drink, elusive, rare, vintage and aged wines. Along with our equally impressive contacts within the art and vehicle world’s, we are very well placed to ensure you have the acquisition you have been dreaming of.

A Premium Lifestyle Management Service At Your Beckoning

Find out more about our luxury venues, exclusive places for private dining, special occasions and corporate entertaining and our bespoke concierge service.

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